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Biosecurity for Beekeepers

Plant Health Australia and the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council offer an online Biosecurity for Beekeepers education course. It is a FREE course.

The Biosecurity for Beekeepers course provides information about keeping your honey bees healthy, looking for pests and diseases, and some measures you can use to protect your apiary. The course supports the Australian Honey Bee Industry Code of Practice. The development of this course was funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, and delivered by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council and Plant Health Australia.

This course is designed for individuals who have at least a basic understanding of beekeeping practices, and would like to learn more about protecting their bees from pests and diseases.

Completing this course and the assessment, may meet the training requirement specified in the Australian Honey Bee Industry Code of Practice.

Background to Beekeeping

Start with why!

A beginner's guide to bees and beekeeping and how beekeeping can transform your life for the better | By Thomas Carroll, PhD . The cost is $25.99

2.5 hours, 17 Lectures, All Levels.

Learn Beekeeping

with PerfectBee

Our unique and FREE online course helps you confidently start your first beehive!

Our online Introductory Course is a great way to learn the basics of beekeeping. Our course features nine fascinating sections, totaling 40 lessons. We send you an email for each section (one every few days) building your knowledge to prepare you to install your first beehive – and bees!

Natural Beekeeping Certificate

Learn The Practical Applications Of Beekeeping

The Natural Beekeeping Course begins by answering the question, ‘Why keep bees?’. From this, you’ll learn of the global and general reasons why bees are a necessity for our world and our lives – not just our habitats and food sources, but also our economy.

Learn how conventional and natural beekeeping differ and how (conventional) beekeeping came about. You’ll discover how the natural beekeeper puts the interests of the bee first, with honey-taking being secondary, while still maintaining bee colonies within hives. The cost is $199.00

Beekeeping Apprentice

Introduction to Online Beekeeping Course

Learn what bees need to survive and thrive, get a steady supply of free honey, and leave a legacy on our ailing planet.

The Complete A-Z Course for New Beekeepers, from Buying the Hive to Harvesting the Honey.

I've filmed all my sessions with my teacher, Ben Moore, who coached me through the shaky period of being a new beekeeper.

We’ve taken everything Ben learned in his 25-year beekeeping career— (don’t be alarmed by his youthful appearance—Ben bought his first hive at 14 [with his own money!] and has been caring for bees ever since. He is a true, bee lover. The kind of guy who would keep doing his work, even if he won the lotto and never had to work again) — and distilled it down into a 100% do-able program that even a busy exec like me can handle. (This appears to be a FREE Course.)

Beekeeping Today

Free Regular Beekeeping Podcasts

The podcast for the latest beekeeping news, information and entertainment for today's beekeeper.

Hosts Jeff Ott and Bee Culture's Editor-in-Chief, Kim Flottum bring you interviews and commentary helping you become a more informed and knowledgeable beekeeper.