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A non-profit community-run organisation supported by local Councils and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust. MCSL is primarily an educational facility and model for sustainable technology.

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Bunnings is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry.

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Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies has been supplying equipment to customers throughout Australia and internationally for more than a quarter of a century, and we continue to do so from both our original Hornsby location and our new premises at Mt Druitt.

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Beekeeping iWoohoo is an Australian supplier of good quality and affordable bee keeping supplies to apiarists and hobbyist bee keepers of Australia. No matter if you are a beginner bee keeper or an experienced apiarist we are confident our extensive range of bee keeping supplies will fulfill your needs. Our range includes full depth beehives, manual honey extractors, electric honey extractors, protective clothing as well as a wide selection of various beekeeping tools and accessories.

We cater for the serious apiarist who may want to buy in bulk and also the backyard beekeeper who may want a starter kit and advice. We have a dedicated beekeeping warehouse in Cardiff Newcastle and we welcome phone enquiries. Phone 02 4956 6166.

Beekeeping Gear are proud pioneers of the 3 Layered Mesh Suit, and our Double Layer extra comfortable. As the founders of the OZ ARMOUR Australian brand, we were the first company to introduce these designs to the bee keeping world.

Our revolutionary system lets you harvest your honey one frame at a time. This way you can appreciate the unique flavours and subtle aromas of your local area. Taste the seasonal differences in nature's blooming bounty!

If you wish to get started in beekeeping feel free to contact John and he can help you get off on a good start. Whether it is getting the equipment necessary, getting the bees or learning the skills you need to successfully keep John is here to help.

NSW DPI supports the apiary industry with extension officers, research scientists, diagnostic laboratories, beekeeping courses and regulatory services.

This website provides information in product and service specific registers - it does not provide an answering service for individual enquiries related to Bees and Beekeeping.

Providers of products and services related to Bees and Beekeeping can have their details published in product and service specific registers.

The object of the ABA is to help members develop their knowledge and skills as beekeepers, and generally to promote the importance of bees and benefits of beekeeping as a hobby.

BeeAware is a hub of information for beekeepers and growers about honey bee biosecurity and pollination of agricultural and horticultural crops.

The site contains an extensive range of information about exotic and established pests and diseases of honey bees, and helps beekeepers to identify and respond to these pest threats. It also contains information about the pollination of crops and how beekeepers and growers can work together to provide and receive best practice pollination services.

Beetight is a free web application for beekeepers and is the best way to manage your hives and track them online or on your phone. You'll wonder how you ever survived with the old notebooks and spreadsheets! All hive types are supported, including Langstroth, WBC, Beehaus, National, Warre, Top bar hives.

MyApiary Manager™ works as a complete operations management ecosystem for commercial beekeepers. At the core of Manager™ is our cost management system and jobing systems, allowing you to easily maintain an apiary.

The Beetle Buster Small Hive Beetle Base Board is easy to install in your existing hives. Simply replace tray and the Beetle Buster will do the rest of the work for you.

We have been urban beekeeping in Sydney for about 10 years now and over that time have developed a good idea of what works and what doesn't when it comes to bees. The shop seemed an obvious extension of our bee courses and we aim to stock all the beekeeping supplies an urban beekeeper needs.

POLYHIVE by Valdony is a new company launching into the beekeeping market with Hi tech Polyurethane Bee Hives Made in Australia.

The manufacturer suggests these superior made Beehives will eliminate problems for both beekeepers, and make the bees more relaxed

POLYHIVE are made in Oakleigh Victoria.

This is a legislated requirement in all states and territories and is included in the Code of Practice as reinforcement.

Data on how prevalent diseases are in particular areas is extremely useful in both managing these diseases in areas where they are present and in stopping them from spreading. This data is also required to support trade between states and internationally.

Each state and territory has differing requirements in the Code of Practice.

Located in Central West NSW, Warren and Rose Taylor run an apiary whose market is primarily breeding and selling queen bees, package bees, honey and more!

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) aims to maximise the efficient use of industry resources and funds to ensure the long term economic viability, security and prosperity of the Australian Honey Bee industry in Australia.

We foster, promote, enhance and protect the interests of the Australian Honey Bee Industry and the vitality of its members and represent industry policy at all levels of government, private enterprise and the public.

Bee Hive Monitoring

Lots of honeybee colonies are lost because beekeeper´s have limited information. We have an Apiary with 300 colonies of bees and when we started monitoring it changed everything. What we want is to provide this system to all beekeepers as cheap as possible.

Thousands of people support our approach. Among other things, we have developed systems of bee care and monitoring procedures, which not only help the beekeepers, but also the collection of scientific data.