DIY Projects

All-in-one Kid's Bee Jacket & Veil

Project courtesy of: velacreations

The most important parts are the veil and gloves, beyond which you just need jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. However, we figured a jacket would be a good idea. Also, for a six year old, standing patiently while you tie up all the bits and pieces of an adult veil is extremely hard, so we went ahead and made an all in one veil, mittens and jacket.

You can make this project faster (but more expensive) by buying a thick shirt and wide-brimmed hat. You can then add the veil and mittens, and sew the zipper into place as described later.

Bee Smoker

Project courtesy of: Instructables

A smoker works by pumping air into a metal canister, via the use of bellows, and forcing the smoke from burning twigs and leaves in a controlled direction. The action of 'smoking' a hive causes an instinctive reaction, in the bees, whereby their natural tendency is to gorge themselves on honey, to the point of lethargy as a defense against forest fires. This makes the bees docile enough to handle, minimizing stinging and aggression.

Bee Vacuum

Project courtesy of: Hawthorn Farms

This is a three minute video clip explaining a very simple approach to modifying a conventional two box beehive in order to make a Bee vacuum.

Plier style wire tensioner

Project courtesy of : Doug Nichols

Using an old pair of bull nosed pliers, use Araldite to attach some corrugated fasteners to each jaw to make a pair of quick and easy to use wire tensioners. These can be used to re-tension loose wires on frames prior to attaching foundation sheets.

Beehive Stand

Project courtesy of: BeeKeepClub

The hive stand is a beekeeping equipment that plays a crucial role for any beekeeper. In this DIY guide we’ll take a look at how to build a homemade hive stand.

Bees have always set their home above the ground, and it is not to stay out of reach from humans, though that may seem like one of the reasons. There are many advantages associated with staying away from the ground, and that is the intuition that drives bees to establish their colonies in crevices that are well secluded from invaders.

Wax sheets for foundation

Homemade foundation sheets are easy to make and really satisfying too. I just made a new set-up and this shows how I did it. The wax melter has to be big enough (obviously!) and finding something suitable could be your biggest challenge. 100% natural beeswax from our own hives is all I use. No additives at all. The important bit at the end makes all the difference if you want to use this in your hives or for modelling. Brittle wax is nearly useless but when it's malleable then you have a real alternative to shop-bought foundation sheets.

Wax foundation & Starter strips

I use a different type of hive from most – the Rose Hive – which doesn’t use queen excluders. That means the queen can go where she likes and the bees can arrange their broodnest and stores as they choose in the hive. In that spirit, I let them make whatever comb they want to too – except I do use full sheets of foundation in every second frame so they don’t stick combs together.

Wax foundation sheets

Project courtesy of: Les Gold

Les Gold presents a video demonstrating his use of a silicone foundation press and melted wax in a single step process of making foundation sheets for his bee hives.

48 Creative Bee Craft Ideas

Project courtesy of: Felt Magnet

See what all the buzz is about by exploring these bee craft ideas. Loraine Brummer loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Best water Source for Bees

Project courtesy of: Backyard Beekeeping

Like all animals, honey bees need a dependable source of water year round. The best water sources for bees are ones that won’t go dry in the summer, won’t drown the bees, and won’t be shared with livestock or pets. Although honey bees adore a nice salt water pool, it’s a good idea to establish your water source before your bees begin chasing away the sunbathers.

Insect or Bee Hotel

Project courtesy of: Instructables

There are many insects you might want to encourage, and many different things in which they make their home. This Instructable project is centered about building a shelter to hold these materials, but also runs through some of the different materials you can use and what they will attract or house.